Spiralling Toward Humanity

Progress, unqualified liberty and equality are pillars of liberal ideology. Liberalism is the ideology of bourgeoisie power, established at the expense of the ancien regime; it is republicanism, parliamentary democracy, ‘private property über alles,’ industrialization, commercialization, bureaucratization, nihilism, quantification and commodification of all things. Its intellectual handmaidens are positivism, scientism, instrumental rationality, analytical philosophy, cognitive behavioural psychology, and postmodernism.

Liberalism overthrew the Hobbesian order thanks to the enormous bourgeois wealth brought by commercial colonial empire, the conquering of ‘virgin’ continents and particularly the flow of precious metals from the New World to Europe. Liberalism and the enlightenment are built on post-columbian prosperity in the same way the Renaissance was built on the rape and pillage of Byzantium. Liberal democracy thrives really only in those countries that profit(ed) most from colonial conquests, and those counrtries that the colonists powers choose to let thrive, via the Marshall Plan, for example. Democracy, rule of law, low corruption and sound institutions do not produce prosperity, they are a luxury built upon a foundation of (neo) colonial prosperity. Therefore the Liberal powers are obscenely disingenuous in pointing fingers at others for not following their norms, while extracting from them the wealth necessary to maintain those norms exclusively.

Despite being born in slavery and genocide from America to Africa to India, liberalism must constantly reaffirm its progressive and emancipatory credentials ad absurdum. For example, by promoting the idea of gender equality – actually a totally meaningless concept. On average, women necessarily have much harder lives than men and no amount of ‘equality’ on paper is going to change that. The best society wouldn’t be a feminist one, it would be a female supremacist one, in that men should find joy through fulfilling their duty to try to make women’s lives easier, more secure, and happier while infringements on women’s well-being should be punished disproportionately, indeed with the wrath of god. A healthy society would share decision-making between the genders, as Turkey’s HDP party promotes. A good argument could even be made for giving women precidence in decision making.

Other badges of emancipation of which liberals love to boast, like LGBT rights are little more than that; something in which they can find self-affirmation while, for example, the material prosperity of their society, including that of its sexual minorities (though all major studies show that fluidity of sexual orientation is fundamental in the human individual; sexual tribalism is a social construct), is predicated on the wage-slave labour of millions of largely teenage girls in Asia. Giving them rights would actually cost us access to cheap goods, esablishing gay rights doesn’t really cost anything. It just makes us feel liberal.

As the post-Columbian wealth and hydrocarbon reserves are dissipated, the world will return to the mean in socio-political order, something resembling the Hobbesian/Confucian state, guided by stability and harmony rather than progress and ill-defined liberty. Liberalism and the 20th century reactions to it ask ‘what is the best way to engineer society (and everythnig else)?’ A better question might be, where is unqualified liberty on the hienarchy of needs really ? How rational and capable of engieering our environment, society and selves are we? How do the demands and limitations of human nature determine social organization? Human nature doesn’t progress, and technology will save us neither from fundamental resource exhaustion nor from our own caprice and hubris. Please, read some Dostoevsky.

Liberals’ self-righteous and totalitarian insistance that all must subscribe to their view is the very rot from within by which their stale mythology will collapse. They are barely aware that intelligent criticism of their worldview exists, let alone who composed it or what they wrote. Hyper-critical of all those who don’t subscribe to liberal hypocrisy, in contrast to whom they self-affirm and self-define, liberals are completely incapable of self-criticism, of questioning their childish idealism. They are tiresome.

This documentary describes how the mania for ‘progress’ has debased art.

Roger Scruton – Why Beauty Matters

The Roots of Western Nihilism [Julius Evola]

The Revenge of the Sacred [Leszek Kolakowski]


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