I was born and raised in modest circumstances on Canada’s Pacific coast. Dropped out of high school and moved to China at 18 and stayed 7 years, travelling around all but four Asian countries. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis I decided to study Chinese and Russian at UBC. After that, I became fixated on the Eastern Baltic littoral region, with a one-year hiatus in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I’m now finishing an MA in the Politics and History of Russia at the University of Toronto.

In my travels I enjoy trying to understand foreign ways of thinking on their own terms. I try to apply a high degree of skepticism to all claims of objectivity and moral superiority. I don’t like any kind of supremacism. The categories Left and Right don’t make any sense, there is great value in ideas identified with both; we should realize there is a value in personality types and life-experiences that we don’t understand. The more commercialized and Industrialized the society, the more reason and ‘nurture’ overshadow the vagaries human nature, which nevertheless remain, eventually exacting revenge proportional to their neglect. They are appeased by physical, economic and emotional security, but we fool ourselves expecting to progress away from them. Innovations in technology and rational thought are neutral to our eternal moral, psychological and spiritual dilemmas, for example, the pursuit of social and economic justice amidst humanity’s innate, equal and fluctuating instincts of selfishness and cooperation.

Some of my posts are simply indignant reactions to pressure to conform to some self-righteous hypocrisy.


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